Auderghem, the district of the European capital, offers everything that a capital can offer you. Find out everything there is to know about Auderghem.

Auderghem Bruxelles
Auderghem Bruxelles

Accommodation in Auderghem

Whether you are coming to settle there or are passing through, you will need accommodation. There are several options available to you to settle permanently in Auderghem.

Do the research yourself

A visit to the neighborhoods to discover the amenities it offers you is essential in order to allow you to choose your accommodation without regret.

Call in a specialist

Many real estate agencies have a wide choice of apartments and houses. Depending on your wishes, they will probably find you the renting property you want. In this specific case you will have to put together a tenant file so that the agency can present it to the landlord and approve it. Although rental guarantees are not contractually obligatory, the majority of leases for principal residences or not require it. To make it easier for you to obtain your rental guarantee, we recommend that you do so in advance because, since the COVID-19 health crisis, the deadlines have lengthened.

Book a hotel

Auderghem offers a multitude of hotels for a short stay. Before booking an hotel in Brussels, make sure it is in a central area close to all amenities.

What are the activities to do in Auderghem

Sporting activities

The city of Auderghem offers a wide choice of sporting and cultural activities.

You will find

  • martial arts,
  • Athletics,
  • Basket ,
  • Dance,
  • Fitness, 
  • Socker and indoor socker,
  • Gymnastic,
  • Handball,
  • Weightlifting,
  • Field hockey,
  • Tennis and table tennis,
  • Volley ball,


3 annual fairs are organized each year at the same time.

their duration varies from 10 days to three weeks.

  • The Transvaal fair which takes place in April at the square du sacré coeur
  • The spring fair called “summer center” straddling May and June which takes place on Boulevard du Souverain
  • The “winter center” fair in November which also takes place on Boulevard du Souverain.

The steps

The town of Auderghem offers two markets per week. You can do your shopping on Tuesday afternoons in Saint Julien and on Thursday mornings in rue Emile Idiers. A wide choice of early vegetables, butchers and others await you.

Flea markets

The city of Auderghem offers every Sunday throughout the year the possibility of attending flea markets, they often take place in

  • Herrmann Debroux Viaduct
  • Souverain’s Boulevard
  • Carrefour car park

To participate in the flea market as an exhibitor, you must first make a specific request to the city of Auderghem to the entertainment and leisure services.

Cultural activities

Auderghem has about ten cultural associations (horse riding, cultural heritage, etc.) From zero to 99 years old you will inevitably find something that suits you. Flemish culture is also represented through certain events.

Associations in Auderghem

You will find a wide choice of associations

  • For animals
  • Mutual aid
  • Sporty and cultural
  • Family and early childhood
  • North South Solidarity
  • Senior
  • Youth
  • Health


The cultural center regularly offers shows including many plays. You will find the list of events on the city of Auderghem website.

Event organization

The city of Auderghem has an event planning service. If all you need is room rental, the process will be easier. Depending on the event you want to organize, check whether or not an authorization from SIAMU is required, which must be formulated no later than 6 weeks before the event. It is important to get closer to the municipality to know the details and requirements related to your event, in all cases you will need the agreement of the mayor and aldermen. In some cases equipment loans can be granted to you. Logistical assistance requests are made online. Depending on availability and the type of event, the municipality can lend you a hand.

Medicine and health

From a medical point of view, you will find a large number of doctors and specialists in Auderghem. The newly renovated Delta Hospital is located in Auderghem, which makes it easier for you in the event of a health problem. You also have the option of donating your blood once a month on the second Tuesday of the month. To do this, meet from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the town hall. To do so, make sure you meet the criteria to be able to donate blood (be of legal age, in good health, weighing more than 50 kilos.